Let’s change
the world together


By giving your basic information you can free register yourself to our website and you have to activate your account within 24 hours. Now you are all set to go!

Provide Help

Once your account is activated you will get a link from admin to provide help for another member. You have to complete PH in 24 hours of time.

Get Help

Once your PH is approved by receiver, you will get help from other members. Your link will be shared to other two members and you will receive help.


Once your PH and GH is completed, you will have to re-topup your ID to complete another cycle of PH and GH. Likewise cycle repeats.

Let’s change
the world together

SPOT PAY has been envisaged to create joyful and prosperous society by extending helping hand to each other. We are one of the fastest growing helping organizations in the world. We believe that poverty can be eradicated by joining together for a common intention of creating wealthier society; irrespective of religion, caste, creed, nationality etc.

Through our helping concepts we have uplifted lakhs of people by the help of mutual financial aid. We have the intent to touch the lives of millions of people in coming days. We are committed to create joyful and happier society.